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Re: Solar Return location, need help!

Originally Posted by roant14 View Post

Mm, so

does it means I just have to use my birth location
despite spending years mostly in different location?

(Sorry I'm kinda slow)
I'm not that fast either

- however I can definitely state that opinions differ on this issue

keep in mind that
Solar returns do not coincide with the birthdays
because a day is not exactly 24 hours long.
It is about 4’ less.

Because of this small differential
this adds up to nearly six hours every year
- 5 hours, 40 minutes to be exact
and this accounts for the change in the Ascendant from one solar return to the next.
It is important when looking at a solar return
that we always consider the natal chart equally.
James Eshelman agrees with this position
but with a twist

James Eshelman wrote that we must always look at solar returns twice.
Once as a chart by itself, and, then, in comparison to the natal chart.
James Eschelman also wrote that
“The issue here is not so much one of zodiacs
as of something far more fundamental to the essence of things astrological.”

Jim Eshelman then states that
“one can achieve the desired effects with solar returns by
(1) using the Tropical Zodiac and correcting for precession
or (2) using the precession-free Sidereal Zodiac.”
“If neither of these methods is used
a Solar Return will be six hours in error by age 18
twelve hours in error by age 36
an entire day off by the time a person attains the age of 72

James Eshelman explains that this is because
the equinoxes regress along the Ecliptic
at the (current) average rate of 50”.27 per year
roughly 1 Ί in about 72 years.
This is the movement called precession.
Because the starting point of the tropical Zodiac is moving
it is also known as the moving zodiac.”
Eshelman actually refers to the book by Donald Bradley
Solar and Lunar Returns
Los Angeles: Llewellyn Foundation for Astrological Research, 1948
for much of his material.

This is one opinion of how a solar return should be calculated and read.
It is important for you to experiment with what works for you.
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