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Re: Solar Return location, need help!

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post

Solar returns

should be cast for
the place the native occupies at the moment of the return.
No question about it.
On the contrary

A perennial question in predictive astrology
whether or not to relocate the Solar Return.
Some astrologers insist on using only the Solar Return for the birth place
while others argue that the more appropriate chart
is the one cast for the location of the native at the time of the return.

My own practice is to look at both charts
because they give valuable information from different points of view.

Recently I watched a lecture about Solar Returns
given by the Spanish astrologer Antonio Villalba.
In it he mentions the chart of the Spanish naturalist and broadcaster
Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente who was born in Spain
but who died in Alaska on this 52nd birthday.
This obviously is a case example
which could shed light on the question of relocation.
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