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Re: Solar Return location, need help!

Originally Posted by roant14 View Post
Mm, so does it means I just have to use my birth location despite spending years mostly in different location? (Sorry I'm kinda slow)
No. IF you have relocated and live in another place, not your birth place, then you cast your solar returns to the place you actually live.


Because your life story changes by moving cities/countries. You make a new story, different from the one that would have been in your home town. The angles of your chart change and bring the focus onto other planets/aspects and the solar return story will be different.

However, your solar arc story is still the same and is seen from the natal birth chart. It will depict timings of the planetary influences/triggers. F.ex. you may see in your solar arc chart that your Sun or Moon or angle moves to n. Uranus at some point. That is destined to be a trigger for you to make a change, probably relocate. So you were already destined to do so. However where you move will be your choice and after the move you will need to look at the new/tweaked story life will bring with new angles of the location.

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