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Has anyone on this forum experienced Satori? It is described as a glimpse of enlightenment and it happened spontaneously for me.
It was an amazing feeling, but amazing sounds too energetic
because I was hyper aware of the energy around me, but in a very calm, focused way.
It lasted near enough all day and when I went outside, experiencing
the energy coming from the people around me was just fantastic.
It helped me realize the lense through which we experience life
is given to us from our childhood, like stress, anxiety etc
Satori 悟り
Chinese: 悟
pinyin: wł
Korean: 오 o
Vietnamese: ngộ

is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening
"comprehension; understanding".

It is derived from the Japanese verb satoru.
In the Zen Buddhist tradition
satori refers to the experience of kenshō
"seeing into one's true nature"

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