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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

I will have this one exact in February 15th. I lost every single relationship I had, friends and broke up with someone I liked. Now I have 2 people, but I feel inconstancy of them. I am expecting everybody to turn their back when I am needing most or create enmnity. I'm realizing I can't trust my mother and sister at all, they always had this pattern: became violent and cruel when not meeting their needs, when I do they are indifferent, when I need them they turn their backs at me, manipulate me, keeping secrets from me and having each other backs. Don't expect people to understand your experience, they will blame you for everything. And my fool self would be thinking that was alright going through that.. but not now, not beig filled with hate, but ready to cut to codependent ties from people who drain my will to live. I am close to become independent of anyone. I am not afraid of gettig sad. I got a tough skin for whatever It comes my way. I need to assert myself, I feared people for so long, whatever It takes, I am ready!

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