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Re: Anyone have info on Black Moon Lilith?

Originally Posted by Gemini888 View Post
Black Moon Lilith is a tricky one...

From what I can gather, there are two schools of thought about Lilith. The first one thinks that it connected to the evil side of the human mind, kind of like Pluto but much darker. The second one thinks that it represents feminism. Now that is when things get interesting. According to this school of thought, in the chart of women, it shows how the women can achieve their true power and the kind of men that tries to supress this power; in the chart of men, it shows the kind of women that is likely to destroy them. I don't want to draw any conclusion here because there isn't much solid proof I can find to back up any claim.

I have Lilith conjunct my Gemini Mercury in 2H. According to the first claim, I'm a materialistic b*tch with a grandiosity that the whole world bows before my words. According to the second claim, I have a mission to prove to men that I can make as much money as them, and I can achieve the same freedom of speech as them. I think I can relate more to Lilith's sign than its house, maybe it's because of the conjunction. But then again other placements in my chart can indicate the same thing, like my Sun/Pluto/Mars T-square or my Mercury/Mars/Neptune Quintile triangle.
As I said in the post above, I don't f*ck with the good/evil dichotomy. I also have reservations about the feminist approach to this, as it seems less archetypal and more New Age and pop-ish. I want to dig deeply into this mathematical point, but resources and language barriers are limiting me.

Following your second train of thought, I'm curious to know how you'd interpret my chart though. Thoughts?
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