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Re: Anyone have info on Black Moon Lilith?

Originally Posted by Starsareround View Post
I have black moon Lilith in my 10th house and Iíve always been very visibly rebellious in various ways; I organized a Union in one of my first workplaces and Iíve never shied away from challenging authorityóI canít remember where I read about it when I was young but I kind of attributed that side of myself to that placement. I think it can be a source of power for women that can make people uncomfortable, a kind of untamed source of female sexuality and uncivilized strength which can be used for good or evil.
Interesting! I like the idea of challenging authority. Your anecdote sounds really cool! You go gurllll!

At work, I'm not usually challenging authority. I am the authority. lol My current job, I've been at a couple months and haven't moved up, but I was promoted/gained recognition really quickly at both my other jobs before this.

I hope I conclude it's a source of feminine power for myself. It's also square my AC, so I'm curious what that means as well. I'm trying to shy away from the dichotomy of good and evil, as I don't think it serves me. I'm more for creator/destroyer as a dichotomy I f*ck with for various reasons now.
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