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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

Originally Posted by sylph View Post
See, this is where I get completely lost when speaking of Libras, because all of those I've been close to have been somewhat "indecisive" -- yet when they would make a decision, it often would be the wrong one. Not just from my perspective, but typically objectively. Like, decisions that would have disastrous consequences.

Maybe this comes from not trusting their intuition? I rely heavily on intuition, and I think this is quite common for Virgos despite being labelled as wholly analytical/logical. If I don't trust or go with my intuition, then I experience the disastrous consequences that I've seen with Libras.

Do you think that a conflict between heart/feelings (Venus) and logic (Air) is part of the reason why Libra's intuition can get blocked?
If you've seen Libras make horrible decisions then yes that is probably why. Sometimes, Libras can get so afraid of making the wrong decision that they overthink it, lose touch with their intuition, and end up making the wrong decisions as a result.
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