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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

Originally Posted by craft94 View Post
Yes, our business-driven culture places a high value on people who are "strong and decisive" but I feel like making smart decisions is better than making fast decisions
See, this is where I get completely lost when speaking of Libras, because all of those I've been close to have been somewhat "indecisive" -- yet when they would make a decision, it often would be the wrong one. Not just from my perspective, but typically objectively. Like, decisions that would have disastrous consequences.

Maybe this comes from not trusting their intuition? I rely heavily on intuition, and I think this is quite common for Virgos despite being labelled as wholly analytical/logical. If I don't trust or go with my intuition, then I experience the disastrous consequences that I've seen with Libras.

Do you think that a conflict between heart/feelings (Venus) and logic (Air) is part of the reason why Libra's intuition can get blocked?
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