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Originally Posted by craft94 View Post
You don't have to make disclaimers. I'm not offended. What's your chart like?

Personally, I think decisiveness is an overrated trait.

I prefer openness to change.

Well, except with relationships, in that case, I like loyalty. I love with my heart, not my mind.

Edit: Although I must say, Geminis are even more indecisive than Libras in my experience. Libra isn't "indecisive" so much as they take a lot of time making a decision because they want to make sure it's the right one. Gemini changes their mind a thousand times a day and never makes a decision. I still like them though. Liking them is the problem...LOL

But yeah, I actually like that about Libras personally. I like that we put a lot of thought into things. Too many people don't think. They just assume.
You assumed I made a disclaimer. .Where is this disclaimer you speak of? Lol.

Yes, I agree both libra and geminis can be quite indecisive. Although I find both signs to be nice, indecisiveness is not a trait I find desirable. The inability to make decisions doesn't fair well in the business world. But I guess that is why gems and libs get a long great together the share the same duplicitous and indecisive nature.
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