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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

Hm, interesting. My response:

1. Venus and Libra aren't interchangeable synonyms, though in your case, Venus is in Libra so I get it.
I know, and I wasn't saying that they were; I was using the rulers of Libra and Aries to demonstrate something. To a certain extent, the signs are driven/motivated by their planetary rulers. If these rulers didn't mean anything, what would be the point of assigning them to be "in charge" of the signs in the first place?

My point was that, essentially, each sign's "flaws" are actually coming from a place of striving to be whole. For example, Pisces and Virgo; most people think that, while Pisces experiences oneness with everything, Virgo can only see the separateness of it all. But Virgo picks everything apart, looks at every little detail, because it ultimately wants that oneness. What else is oneness but perfection? If something is out of place and "wrong," Virgo only focuses on it and tries to fix it because Virgo is desperately seeking that feeling of oneness/perfection.

Pisces, too, desires something; it wants to show/teach others about the truth, about spiritual connectivity, but unless it is able to communicate or appeal to people in a way that they will understand, this isn't going to happen. So Pisces needs that Mercurial power behind it in order to really accomplish its mission.

I honestly feel that this is true for all of the signs and their opposites. Maybe people will disagree with me here, but I've seen it time and time again. All of us seem to have this intrinsic need to merge the two polarities. It's the only way to get closer to wholeness and understanding. If we stay stuck and act only within the confines of our strictly delineated personality traits -- like the Virgo who refuses to accept that everything is connected -- then we aren't really doing the job that we came here to do. But if we start to look at things from the opposing point of view, and become open to the possibility that we can be BOTH Libran and Arian (for example), **** actually becomes a bit easier because this is part of what we are meant to do.
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