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Originally Posted by craft94 View Post
Salty advice? I agree with the general principle but in this case, I don't want ANY unsolicited advice from people on the Internet who don't even know me, no matter how much sugar is put into it. I've noticed this to be a quality of Internet folks in particular: they think they know everything, they think it's their business to tell you what they think you should and shouldn't do at all times, even when they know nothing about your situation. On the Internet, people share just about any opinion they have, regardless of whether or not it is needed, something they wouldn't dare do in real life. Thank you though. I appreciate what you said about Libras
Haha yes who wants to swallow salty advice! It is not because you do not want to listen but the delivery which was wrong.

'Why am I not attractive'
'I will tell you why but you don't want to listen to anybody'


To hit with a brick will hurt less

I agree, you should listen to advice from people you trust and that also have integrity.

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