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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

And I should note that I don't consider myself exempt from this stuff either, what with Neptune square Venus in Libra in the 1st. In the past it was quite tempting to try and be whatever I thought certain people wanted me to be, because I thought this would cause them to unconditionally love me. That's not exactly "having integrity." Most of the time, there were other parts of my nature that stopped me from full-on turning into whatever I thought X person wanted me to be, but I've caused myself some real pain with this attitude/belief.

Libra all too often feels pulled in opposite directions here. It wants to be pleasing and lovable (which is usually achieved through various actions); yet because it is a cardinal sign and has some similarity with its opposite sign Aries, on some level it wants to forget about the "conditions" that the external world might place on us and simply express the self/identity/ego. This aspect of us DOESN'T feel the need to be pleasing and lovable to anyone -- its only desire is to exist and display itself in its true form. Mars doesn't really care what anyone thinks about it; what it wants is just to act on its impulses. What Venus wants is to please and be pleased... thus it tries to figure out what exactly is pleasing to the beloved so that such pleasure can be received in return.

And I'm really not talking about just the base sensual and sexual things. Even when Venus is inexperienced and virginal, it is her desire to please, to be acceptable and loved. And we are basically conditioned to believe that we must DO certain things in order to make that happen.

I don't know if any of this is part of your problem though lol I just wanted to make it clear that I understand at least one of Libra's plights..
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