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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

Yes, there was one thing I should've worded differently; when I was talking about not being able to tolerate lying, slyness and manipulation, I actually meant within myself for the most part, as my mother would be disappointed with me if I didn't "talk myself up" or act like I was the best thing in the world (odd, I know). And, essentially, I think this implies that she talks HERself up and pretends to be something better than she really is (i.e., more spiritual and unselfish, etc). And you're 100% right about the unfair Libras believing they're just. It is basically impossible to argue/debate with someone like that and win, even if you're right. So it's incredibly frustrating.

I don't like every Libra I meet but I tend to dislike them for the opposite reason: they're harsh, you're right about that, not in a manipulative way, but outwardly so...very self-righteous, but in a Saturian way, not like Sagittarius. I find a Libran's honesty is actually worse than a fire signs because with they don't say it like they're angry, they don't say it like they have a poor opinion of you, they say it like they actually mean it, sometimes they'll even word it like they're saying something kind, but usually they word it like it's pure objective fact, plain and simple.
Oh yeah, totally. This was what I saw in my mother more so than the ex-boyfriend. He typically didn't ever say anything outright mean or abusive about me (at least to my face, I know he did to others); so he -- along with a few others I knew -- really gave me this impression of being duplicitously charming. However, yes, I have absolutely known many Libras with the same behavior you describe. And this seems to be more common. I am close to a Libra Sun right now, and most of what he says is delivered in a very matter-of-fact way. It can be kind of annoying, but I prefer to deal with something like this rather than being subtlely controlled, manipulated or used.

As we all know though, this is why sun sign astrology is useless.

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