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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

Originally Posted by Ukpoohbear View Post
The Libra sign does go from one extreme to the other. For example the charm they use in public use up all the energy and when they get home the partner gets the anger which the public might not believe could exist. Also Libra also take relationships very seriously and can be like 'a drill sergeant.' This is the balance of Libra.

To celebrate Libra and in the spirit of balance the question then should not that craft is not beautiful but the right man has not appeared and not Craft94's fault
I've been wanting to give my own input on this thread, but couldn't seem to find the right words to use (particularly because I don't want to create misunderstanding). But the above is closest to what I would say about Libra; I've been surrounded by this sign all of my life, and I've definitely experienced this initial feeling of, "wow, this Libra Sun person is so perfect," only to find out that their true goal was to manipulate and control situations with their charm. There can be immense anger when you do not do things their way -- but this is usually shown in a calculated and hidden manner. It can very hard to get others to believe you if you say that a Libra Sun is harsh.

My Libra mother is more than harsh, she's abusive. And so was my first real boyfriend, another native of this sun sign. I have met quite a few others that I would classify as abusive as well. However, I don't know why that is, and I don't think it's supposed to be the norm.

This has nothing to do with their attractiveness though. If I were to answer the actual question of this thread, I would say that Libras seem to have an inherent attractiveness. This is why I got involved with that boyfriend in the first place! He wasn't at all what most people would consider handsome and sexy, but he was very smooth-talking, charming and funny. It took me a while to come around to him, but I finally did; maybe that was why he changed, because once he "got me" he felt super empowered and didn't think he could possibly lose me.

Anyway, I think you - craft94 - are probably beyond all of this... the game-playing, etc. And that is why you don't seem to get the "results" that other Libras might. My mother used to tell me that I "didn't know how to play the game." What she meant is that I had too much integrity and honesty and I couldn't ******* tolerate lying, slyness and manipulation. This, in a nutshell, is what some Libras seem to rely upon in order to get what they want. If you don't do this, then consider yourself an evolved Libra (ugh, I hate that whole evolved vs unevolved thing, but it's the best way to describe this). You want to attract the right person, and that is what is going to happen when you behave with integrity. From what I've seen of you on the forum, it seems like it is pretty important for you to be this way.
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