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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

Originally Posted by craft94 View Post
I'm talking about physical attraction. So the only way I CAN take it into consideration is to get plastic surgery.

If it's because you think I'm argumentative and aggressive or whatever (you've said these things before), that is noooot it. I think this particular guy (who initially thought I was cute and hot) would actually have preferred it if I was more aggressive with him. Instead I was what detectahead said. needy and lacking in confidence. I dont like it - knowing that my lack of confidence makes me unattractive doesn't exactly make me more confident - but I can understand and respect it more. Any guy who wants me to be sweet and submissive (outside the bedroom) - any guy who'd rather a woman lack confidence than be aggressive and argumentative - is not one I'd find attractive in the first place. So if that's it, my fire Mars square Moon in the 3rd, that you're referring to, no I won't take it into consideration because it's literally irrelevant
Is there no middle ground for you between 'submissive and sweet' and argumentative and aggressive'? If there isn't, that might be the problem.

As for the plastic surgery, drop it, at least for now. Can't girls use make-up, change hairstyles, change clothing styles? That also seems to be a point that's lacking middle ground.
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