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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Originally Posted by demetraceres View Post
Some astrologers say only strong Chiron in the chart (angular or/and with hard and important aspects) would significantly influence life. I have unfortunately both - angular Chiron (conjunct Ascendant) squaring Moon. So my personal experiences confirm this "theory" (Chiron is otherwise in Aries).
Chiron certainly affects everyone, regardless of whether people are aware of it or not. For instance the Chiron in Gemini generation were the first `group' to engage in alternative forms of communication - eg texting - thus creating in the first instance a form of communication which involved each other, but not necessarily the rest of society. Chiron manifests in many different ways, and the sense of it being `wounding' is not necessarily experienced by everyone. For instance, someone with a lot of Aries may view such wounds as necessary challenges.

Many astrologers still do not regard Chiron as important. I find it to be a fundamental part of the chart, a bit like an underground stream running underneath your house - mostly you live with it and do not notice it, but every few years when it floods you then have to deal with it.

Originally Posted by demetraceres View Post
It is interesting (and scarry) to hear hard aspects between Chiron and Moon could be connected with sexual abuse. I thought astrologers connect it more with difficult, wounding relation with mother or/and troubled motherhood or/and troubled relations with women/feminine side (but of course everything can be the consequence of abuse)
In modern astrology the Moon describes both one's experience of `mother', as well as the default emotional reactions a person has to what happens in their environment. For instance, I have my natal Moon in Cancer, so before I act on an event, I will firstly withdraw, step aside and observe. My brother, who had the same mother, but experienced her differently, has Moon in Leo, so he sees everything as a challenge and a invitation for him to shine and to lead. He acts, while I observe. This is (in part) the Moon at work.

Since our first human relationship is generally with our mother, how she responds to us in those first few months and years of life sets us up with an expectation of how the world will treat us.

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