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Re: How accurate is the PENDULUM

Very reliable in my experience. I use it very sparingly, when I can't make up my mind or get in touch with my true feelings.

It also helps me to get attuned to my decisions, and I can act with assurance and swiftness. So I would say that it's a very reassuring tool.

I believe that our subconscious mind picks up on things that our conscious mind doesn't. With the pendulum, the signals are crystal clear. You just need to know how to frame your questions, as it has to be unequivocal. Before asking for a yes or no, you have to first ask your pendulum if it understands your question, whether it wants to answer the question, in short, to get it to cooperate with you. There is of course a whole ritual of standing in the center of the pyramid and protecting yourself, which I don't really do, unless if I'm seriously disturbed or something.

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