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Re: How accurate is the PENDULUM

Originally Posted by DiDi View Post
Ive started doing this myself and I will tell you how nieve Ive been incase someone actually does think it works

I use a rose quartz and use a map to see where people are.

It works best when i ask but dont think of an answer and let it do its thing
and I dont ask twice.

Iam physic to a point, usually I touch something and ill get a feeling, its random thou and I dont consider myself a physic but the more I use it the more I open up into that world.

Id like to ask some questions but dont have a board and I dont want to open up or talk to anyone over there as i couldnt work out if they were ligit or not.

1 my question is can you just ask a question and get a answer without help from the otherside?

I think the pendulum is a very bad form of divination personally...I however do think it is good when you are speaking to parts of your mind or spirit. But do NOT rely on it for answers to questions, it is totally unreliable. Use horary astrology and tarot for divination...It has proven useful when I spoke to fragments of my mind ...May be useful in contacting spirits but make sure they don't stick around.
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*If I read a chart it is via the whole sign house system.*

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