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Re: Pluto Transits

Pluto is feared by most people, and truthfully so - it can be nasty if an unresolved plutonian person is enacting it's fierceness on you. And why would he pick you? You're not a plutonian and so you be confident, grounded and patient. Plutonians are / can be, incrediably insecure and that is why they target nice people with a deeper understanding. They will derrive energy from you as they basically feel powerless and unworthy themselves. Then they end up self-hating and self-loathing and that energy simmers till seething heights before it unleashes it's nuclear explosion...!

More so with Pluto - as with individuals which once feared Saturn, once you get along with it's inner transformational state - Pluto is the Greatest Healer of all planets. And the healing is instant! It's the miracle called: Remission.
Anyone that will tune into Pluto's amazing healing qualities know how dramtic and accurate they are! Some people take advantage of they're transit and become hypno therapists, surgeons, counsellors.. healers...... Using Pluto for good is an extreme gift!

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