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Red face Re: Pluto Transits

i bring you my experiences, when pluton transited to MC, i saw a drastic changes in my life. my relationship of 18 years collapse after catching the infidelity (pluton square moon/ saturn conjunct moon), at the same time I lost my job, while trying to deal with all, I ended up fighting in the court for my children care. And while all those issues were putting great weight on my shoulder, I needed to fight for my family home which I invested but did not have my name on the deed. 1 year after, i am just resolving to buy back my house, now I have behind me all creditors trying to recoup their money.
6 months after....... my work contract is ending next week, yet there is also a transformation whether I like or not and now more risky as I just signed the house transfer with my solicitor. hence need to get a job quick

From september to december I will have pluton R MC square Pluton R NT (pluton ruler of 8 house scorpio) in the natal it is positioned M6/M7 natal. What to expect, i guess transformation the way i relate to others, as Pluto is au MC and in relation to work...

than 2007 Pluton square ascendant well wait and see, than end of of year conjunct MC Natal.

2005 to date has been tuff but unbelievable to have let go so many things behind, challenging and uncontrollable. Whether I resisted those changes, I had no choices than to accept the status quo!!!!

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