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Help me understand myself

Hello beautiful people, I came on here to get a better insight on the person I am I’m aware that I have a Virgo stellium or 2nd house stellium but I don’t feel related to what that sign or house say. I feel like I’m a very complicated person that drive people away since they can’t understand me but I don’t understand myself to begin with. I feel very much hot and cold I’m very into the dark side of life although I’m very positive and always wanna cheer others and have a smile on my face but deep down I feel dark. I even attract Scorpios like crazy not only romantic context but friends, relationships, friendships, they’re always around me for some reason ( I don’t mind I love them hehe) maybe since my south node is in Scorpio but I’m not sure. My head is very cloudy although I know what I want so I don’t get it. I also feel very sexual like I’m always ready of in the mood I feel like I can excel my emotions through sex maybe why I’m so dominant but at same time it’s my safe place (not the need for males validation) I know I’m great but sex helps me release a lot of things I don’t know how to put into words and I’m afraid that’ll become a habit. I don’t quite see where in my chart that it could explain this reason or why sex feels like therapy for me. I also don’t understand why I’m so sensitive or emotional like I cry over dumb things or I just like to cry in general I feel so good when I do so but at the same time I’m not weak and want to stop crying so easily because I’m not looking for pity or anything I just like crying idk why. These issues been on my mind ever since I started my spiritual journey and since I don’t understand myself I don’t understand why I’m so sexual and sensitive and very drawn to psychology almost if I wanna learn how to control minds (good intended). virgos are usually known for being cold hearted (like my mom haha, she’s also a Virgo but she’s the real definition of a Virgo tough and very smart). I know I could find all these answers within myself but like I said my head is always cloudy that I need others perspective.

If you read this far, have a wonderful day. Thank you so much for your time!
Feel free to tell me more about myself. Once again thank you ��

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