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Re: Explain these aspects in this scenario to me, please, please, pretty please!

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
Is this the right date? The person in question is about 81 yrs old?

If so, that changes the current definition of how Chiron on the MC works, I suppose.

In their younger years, they may have been somewhat obsessed with their public reputation, their fame and social status, etc. With Chiron in Gemini, on the MC, they may have had some powerful friends and run in a popular social circle, which maybe put them in the press and the public's eye.

The square to the Ascendant may have stressed them out at times, in terms of their physical appearance. Maybe they didn't want to disappoint others as there may have been over blown expectations of their physical prowess and grace and stature.

Maybe they had conflicts with others in their social circle, because of the stress between Gemini/Virgo. Mercury in Libra in the 1st is very out front and communicates openly, and those tensions will come to the forefront, continuously. The native may have had a hard time keeping things balanced and cordial at times because of their urge to speak openly.

The Chiron turns the T-square with Neptune Rising into a Grand cross. This individual may have been somewhat burdened by public noteriety and scrutiny and may not have had a sense of privacy and stability because of those stressful concerns.

In their later years, they may have internalised this square, and become more concerned with others, and what they need to say
and express. The Virgo rising with Neptune /Saturn/Jupiter square will feel social needs and burdens perhaps.
Thanks so much for this! I've been trying to understand these aspects in relation to the ascendant for some time now, and nothing I found online clicked for some reason - until I read your interpretation.

In answer to your question, yes, she's in her 80s. She'll be 83 next month. And based on what I've read about her, your interpretation is spot-on.
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