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Originally Posted by Bearwalk9 View Post
I'm a student of astrology and thinking about getting certified in entry-level astrology and giving readings.
There's a useful discussion on HOW TO GRADUATE FROM ASTROLOGY 101 at
Originally Posted by Ryan Kurczak View Post
I've been at this a long time, and still feel like I'm just scratching the surface.

It helps to really apply what you know to charts that you have for people that you already know stuff about. Then you get to see how it all works.

It helps to explore specific techniques and mathematical centered astrology, and not just intuition. Intuition is great, but you shouldn't need it for astrology. (It helps us when we don't understand the specifics fully. Yet it can make astrology more like reading Tarot.)

Understand the basics. Think about how the lord of one house might influence another house by being in that house.

Example, what would you imagine the lord of the 8th (death, transformation, etc.) might mean tenanting the 3rd house (of siblings)? Be sure to look for confluence. The more something is indicated the more certain you can be that it will occur.

Find a system you truly resonate with. Read all you can about it. Apply what you learn to as many charts as you have. Keep on studying.

Find a teacher that you resonate with, and go through charts with that teacher. Having an objective guide can be invaluable.

Moog's advice is also very good!
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