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Re: What does she think of me?

Originally Posted by Personal Catalyst View Post
Oh, you should have haha! I am starting to like the whole house system more, my Sun and Mercury are at the 9th house by it's calculations

Often, I think that my Scorpio Moon can't really embrace whole essence of the Sagittarius Moon, and she as well can't embrace mine. But, the good thing is, we try. She is Gem and I am Virgo and as we both like to talk, communication is very important to us. And we can talk to each other like noone - I realised that whenever we talk with one another, we share a bit of our soul, something that we didnt know about each other before. And the reason of me posting this chart here is because I dont experience this a lot. This, almost obsession, amazing connection. We are so different, but we get along so well. She influenced my life a lot.

What do you think, what aspect makes this soul connection (Besides the placement of our Moons you mentioned before)? Could it be my Pluto conjuncting her Moon, or perhaps her NN conjuncting my Venus?
Yes, Scorpio and Sagittarius are not compatible at all. The things that annoy Scorpios most are Sagittarius traits and the things that Sagittarius annoys most are Scorpio traits - because its so foreign. The flip side of this is, it's also very much alluring - because it is so foreign. So you have to somehow work on it. Understanding how the other is wired is the first big step.

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