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Mars-Saturn Opposition in Synastry

I have a friend who seems to seriously consider marrying this guy she met not so very long ago. We once went out together with another couple, and I got a good impression of him. He seems nice enough, has a good sense of humor (in MY book, thatís a must!), and heís obviously doting on her. So far so good. I told her I would do their synastry chart (I mean, why not -- they seemed to mesh well!), and now I see to my consternation that they have a Mars-Saturn opposition! Both ways!! Iím kind of thrown by this. I asked her (without telling her why) if she has the feeling that they might eventually clamp down on each other and try to smother the otherís energy and drive. She said, absolutely not. (What was I thinking Ė she is on Cloud 9!)

I have checked all the couples' charts I have stored, to see if anyone has this aspect, but none of them do.

On the other hand, maybe it's really nothing considering that hey have some really nice things going on, like a Sun/Moon trine, and a Sun-Jupiter trine, and what some call the Cinderella aspect, her Venus conj. his Chiron, and his Venus trine her Chiron. Also, her Neptune conj. his Venus, and her Venus opp. his Pluto. (This last one could keep them busy for years, lol...) Could all of this alleviate the strain of those Mars-Saturn oppositions??

I havenít told her anything about what I found yet. Would you?

I ought to mention, I am not that close. to her. We have, at times, told each other our woes, but never in great detail. She is not someone I rely on to give ME advice, and, if memory serves, unsolicited advice by well-meaning friends usually falls on deaf ears anyway when there is a budding love involved.

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