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Re: Fate vs Free will in classical astrology

Originally Posted by passiflora View Post
There's a whole lot that falls between fate and the individual free will: ecology, political circumstances, culture, social relationships, theology, family, economy.

I'm NOT a traditional astrologer,

but it's my impression that many of the intermediaries I've listed here can themselves be dealt with in traditional astrology. A nation has a chart, a company has a chart, a marriage, etc. So my inclination would be to say that while both fate and free will are operative in a person's life and can be assessed astrologically, the full answer to the question cannot be seen in an individual chart.
Originally Posted by lostinstars View Post

But is it not possible to judge from dignities of planets?

For detailed information of dignities of planets:

video recording episode 156 of The Astrology Podcast
CHARLES OBERT discusses essential dignities and debilities
and how they are used to determine the condition of a planet
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