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Re: Lesbian aspects

Originally Posted by tianamkd View Post
well here is my natal chart and do you think there is any aspect that can be on a sort of a way connected with my sexuallity?

What happens in your life and affects you must also be shown and visible in your chart.

House of sexuality, creative sexual expression, sex for fun is 5th house. Your 5th house is ruled by venus- but included is scorpio with pluto as 2nd ruler or co-ruler - what can show a different sexual behaviour and desire what can be lived secretive.

Pluto in your 5th is strong and dominant placed in his own sign and in principle of intense and passionate energy in this area. Pluto squares saturn in aquarius- where saturn represents a non-respecting of conventional and standard norms and rules in connection with planets and aspects involved. And show a faible for partners from another and foreign culture and country.

Venus as main ruler of 5th house - sexuality is in exact 0 semisextile with saturn in aquarius. Your moon as your AC ruler is in semisquare with saturn and your sun being in exact "twin"-conjunct with your venus is in semisextile with saturn. Sun is ruler of your physical body house 2nd and 3rd. And the exact conj. with venus shows an inner conflict with own body and feeling well with own sexuality.

As well as mars "twin"conjuncting uranus does. Uranus rules genetic inheritance- where mercury as ruler of 4th house- (home of soul, emotional identification, childhood and your mother) is in - what could mean it already happened like this in your famliy and bloodline before like this (probably from your mother's side) . And was "hided" with neptune because of what people could think about about your family and because of fear to loose status and reputation in society- neptune rules 10th house.

Whatever is under surface for a while can come up and get activated by a transiting planet.

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