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Re: Questions about the natal moon and mercury

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The thread also is talking about Mercury....Yony you have Mercury Combust:

"Any planet which is in the same sign as the Sun, becomes “agitated”. Mercury is one’s ability to articulate verbally, communicate and make requests - but when with the Sun, there was some powerful authority figure in life, who disrespected the native's requests and usually interrupted or disregarded the native while talking....The Mercury Sun person more often would grow up with some confidence issues regarding expressing opinions and communicating....

The Mercury/Sun person can become very defensive when someone does not agree with his point of view or what he is saying and this will create frustrations in all most relationships....It is such a common combination and therefore human communications are often strained and a source of tension.

The Mercury/Sun person might also be someone who is not good at listening to what others have to say - subconsciously copying patterns that he has witnessed done to him when young- or he can be someone talking too much, and not very aware of the normal rules of communications."
It's true, I did grow up with an authority figure who didn't respect my requests. This makes sense, seeing as I have my saturn in my 1st house.
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