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Re: Questions about the natal moon and mercury

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
I'm not misconstruing anything. I've been studying astrology since 1990. How about you?

What I disagree with is your apparent concept that a Cancer moon is weak. It's not. Watery, yes. Weak, no, unless it's afflicted.

Are you familiar with the Astrodienst www.astrocom Astro-DataBank? You can pull up the charts of thousands of people, mostly celebrities, with Cancer moons.
It's not about how long you study something, but how you studied what you did that matters most. But if you must know, I studied modern astrology, as well as numerology, for 5 years straight.

That's wrong. Cancer is the sign of emotions and is the most emotional sign in the zodiac, also represents sensitivity and irrationality, therefore cancerian energy brings nothing but sensitivity and crybaby emotions to the moon in question. If you can't accept that much, then this "debate" if we can even call it that is going nowhere and would best be put off.

The only reason those people with cancer moon aren't complete crybabys is simply because they have one or more positive aspects to their natural crybaby moon (cancer moon).

Water is the element of sensitivity, emotions, and irrationality. No matter how you look at it. So I AM right. Sorry.
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