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Re: Does progressed Moon in 12th house deny success?

So how would a grid of pMoon entering 12th house look like?

According to the abovementioned method of delineation:

1st row is:
causes = natal positions of the involved planets ( Moon - 6th house)

2nd row is:
action = space where the main events take place (pMoon - 12th house)
= the houses/ points receiving transit or progression

3rd row is:
the outcome of the transit/prog. = the houses ruled by the involved planets (Moon rules 11th house)

To make a story of it:

I got sick (cause = 6th house), so I had to go to a hospital (action = 12th house)

and now (as a result of this illness) I have some new goals and wishes (result =11th house) - to get rid of an esthetic issue caused by the treatment of the illness!

This wish will not come true - I`m helpless about it.

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