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Re: Does progressed Moon in 12th house deny success?

Right, Saturn is your 1st ruler, so the end effects of his transit in 12th were rather positive, since 1st hs lands in 3rd row of the transit grid.
With placidus, my natal 12th house cusp is 0 Sagittarius. Ascendant is at 26 Sagittarius. The Saturn in 12th transit was not a joyful time, generally speaking. It was a time of threshing a la Saturn's role as exaltation of Libra. Regarding the positivity of Saturn in my chart, it's not that straightforward. Although Saturn is in sect, it's location in the 3rd house and afflicts the 3rd house ruler by square. This has resulted in Saturn "damaging" my siblings with one of them dying at childbirth due to undeveloped lungs (notice all the 3rd house sigs. piling up there) and another has a developmental disorder that has greatly restricted his speech.

Also, could you clarify what you meant by the bolded?

The 12th house progression was also a time of extremely restricted resources that called for a spartan lifestyle. During that time transiting Saturn was hovering around the ascendant. Even now I am currently still living with great frugality, and I don't see any change to that in the short term.

There is absolutely no options you have available that won't eat out your resources? What about options available on the internet?
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