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Originally Posted by theRiversolace View Post
A hard aspect between Venus and Saturn governs 'skin issues'. In medical astrology, a conjunction is considered a hard aspect because the two energies of the planets in question are so close together.
From the article:
Astrologically, I see Scleroderma as a disease associated with a malfunction of the Mutable signs with a strong Saturn.
Moon is in mutable Virgo but, as stated, it does not aspect Saturn. It does not link with Saturn through other planets. Nor is it connected to any house associated with health issues.
I can't see its relevance.

I was pleased to read that, in her update in 2007 Ms. Koiner mentioned the 9th house being associated with health issues, as did the school through which I was taught in the late 80's. Many astrologers disagree and say only the 6th house is associated with physical disorders. There is a difference between the two. A pill and potion to ease a physical complaint is not the same as physical illness.
The 9th house in the chart is ruled by Libra, associated with 'beautiful' skin, rather than Virgo's dermatalogical and Capricorn's hard, scaly skin issues. It would depend upon the interpretation of Venus-Saturn in this regard as to whether scleroderma is meant.

You asked, ' What do you see?', implying either/or, or both? I merely offered a perspective through the view of medical astrology I was taught.
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