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Billing dispute with Internet provider - how to resolve?

My internet provider recently raised my monthly rate (by canceling my previously discounted rate) and now they're claiming they can't re-instate it which is not true (I know this because they've adjusted it in the past - they will do anything to keep a customer vs losing them to another provider).

So I want to create an election that works in my favor - ie. a phone call to them that puts me at an advantage so that I can get my discounted rate back.

Which house rules the Internet Provider (ie. company that provides my internet service)? 3rd?

Since the 10thH is the "final judgment/decision" then I'm guessing ASC ruler (me) and 10thH should be favorable?

But for a happy outcome and favorable "negotiations", should the ASC ruler (or angle) and 3rdH (ruler or planets in it) be well-aspected?

Should 3rdH & 10thH also be favorably linked or does that imply "they win" by putting them in an advantageous position and I lose?

Should Uranus be involved here (because it's about my internet service) or just 3rd house for "contracts"?

I'm new to Electional and could use a little help here. Thanks!
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