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Re: Will I get a divorce?

Originally Posted by Sunrise View Post
first of all to say that Venus and Mars will never meet in aspect. Mars will change sign until Venus arrives him.

Afterwards, I see no divorce (for now or at least in the near future).

Mars=you, is trapped and totally powerless (12th house and contains all the sign of the Pisces.) It may have some fundamental forces, but where it is and stand, it can not do much, you can not act for some reason.

The same for your husband. As Venus is in its weakness but in a angular house that wins by accidental forces. That means you both seem to be in the same phase. Even the reception between you (exalt and domination - a mixed reception) show that in some way one depends on each other.

Your children play an important role for both of you.
Is there a person important through his family that affects the situation ???
Does it affect your two ???

Economically, you seem to be depending on your husband. Your finances are quite weak.
Another reason that does not seem to be divided is perhaps also the social reasons that prevent this situation.

The Ouranos (the modern governor of divorces, and splits) in your first house shows that you are troubled, showing disruptive situations, and twists and turns for you. Retro shows situations from the past that come back again.

But for now or for the foreseeable future I do not see it split. For the reasons I mentioned above.
The Saturn above seems to unite you. The Moon has taken Saturn's light (though it's a long distance) and goes to find Mars and Venus goes for sextile with this Saturn.
And Sun through the 9th house (legal proceedings) will meet the Saturn's antiscion. Saturn shows the need, the establishment, the system, the conservatism.

You are absolutely right Sunrise.
I feel like being in a situation where I am trapped with no escape.
The children play an important role to us both and this is the main reason that keeps me stopping from taking this major step.
My husband was abusive to me till a few years ago and this brought me the bitterness in this marriage. I got romantically involved with a friend at that phase but I have broken off with him now.
But I still love my friend though we communicate very rarely but only as friends...
I want the divorce to happen, else will find it difficult to be with my husband when my children become independent soon in a few years.
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