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Re: Will I get a divorce?

Originally Posted by dreamer View Post
This is the link to my thread I had asked about divorce in the month of June.

I made a new chart to the question ' Will I get a divorce'?
Myself Mars in 12th house. I am the one wanting the divorce, probably that's why I am in 12th H. He venus, in his house but my sign. I am confused now as I don't want to be with him. We have no aspects. Moon applies to me in 2 units. Does it mean I may get what I want in two months/years?
He has an applying aspect with Saturn. Saturn rules his 4th house...End of matters??
Will someone throw light on this, please?
Part of marriage is in Pices, Mars in Pisces. You really value your marriage. Mars also exalts Venus, there is actually mutual reception between the significators. So it seems you and husband still care for each other.

But Moon in fall of Jupiter, the dispositor of marriage, emotionally you loathe it...yet you value it... two different conflicting battles between you. The moon being the emotional driver is probably wants the divorce, but the logical part is not certain that's the answer right now.

Part of divorce is in scorpio, ruled by Mars. Guess what, Moon exalts Mars... Moon really really wants to divorce...

This chart is perfect how the receptions are so clear. Moon does apply to Mars, the dispositor of p of divorce, well it could mean this is the divorce... timing look between Moon and Mars aspect.

I suggest you start looking for a job if you haven't already and make a plan of how you are going to survive financially after the divorce.

all the best!
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