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Re: Struggling in every possible area.

Struggling to the job,it's boring as hell,actually i hate that job.
Struggling to find friends again and seeking acceptance i could not find nowhere.
Struggling to lose pounds,i'm overweighted.

Struggling to see anything positive around me.
Struggling to overcome depression,loneliness,insecurities,shyness and fears.
Struggling so much to overcome the obstacles. [/QUOTE]

reposted again for ready ref :

hope will find relevant, picking on the clues and your studied reflections,

jup own pisces 7th, growth-riches through advisory-knowledge based roles,

while pisces-jup inimical-malefic for virgo asc,
stress-delays in marriage-relationship-vocation-career;

sun virgo asc impressive personality,
critical thinking/attitude, perfectionist.
good for audit-quality control-editorial roles.

mars elevated cap 5th,
good for edu/technical-mech engg etc, methodical and disciplined,
good at project management, event management, industrial engg, etc

sat sag 4th philosophical attitude, love of law-justice,
sat aspect own acq 6th protective of employment prospects.

venus scorpio 3rd secretive,
occult and research aptitudes, alchemy-pharmacy etc.

venus aspect own taurus 9th protective of luck, higher education, etc.

asc lord mer over libra 2nd earnings through own efforts,
through public communications-teaching-speech etc,

while mer-ketu conj impact finances-savings, sharp speech.
pain-injury-surgery throat-teeth-kidneys etc

moon-rahu North node aries 8th impulsive and sudden in action,
toxic urological health issues etc

mars aspect own aries 9th protective of luck-edu-travels

moon-rahu 8th rise-fall, prayers for welfare of ancestors,
observe fast No-moon evenings, taking fruit and milk.

all planets over dark half tending to be introvert and reserved,

sat 9th from moon aries settling life late at 36+
while mars lord 9th elevated mars could initiate the process at 28+.

jup lord 9th from moon for luck retro again reviewing-delaying things,

hope sat now 2.5yr transit own cap 5th over elevated mars,
promotes advisory-admin-event management roles,
amidst stress-struggle same time, sat-mars.
while may negate employment prospects? seeking change but stuck;
sat cap elevated aspect libra-mer 2nd promoting family-finances

jup past one year transit venus scorpio 3rd
for research-occult advisory/consultancy activities,
trine elevated aspect cancer 11th for income-gains-friendships-relationship.
prayers to saint of your faith, offer yellow flowers thurs evenings;

ketu SNode now transit acq 6th,
job separation, accident prone to care;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers/roses tues mornings;

jup sooner transit sat-sag 4th year ahead,
sat lord 5/6 for employment-position,
hope helps with employment prospects, hopefully,
may be advisory-consultancy roles, law-justice-real estate etc.

wishing you all well,

appreciate prompt studied ground feedbacks how true-insightful-untrue etc

ps : planetary position followed by interpretation/outcome,
adapt-integrate as relevant on the ground;
generally would be a mixed bag of outcomes
positives-negatives going together to be handled/cope with,
building on strengths as humanely as possible.
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