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Smile Moving Back to USA in 2019/Money?


I am currently living abroad, and have been since March 2016. But I need to make money and I'm not making a lot of money here, but I dont want to move back to the US. I like living abroad.

My Saturn Maha Dasa will start in 2019, and my exalted Saturn rules my 4th so astrolgoers say I will move home back to the US at that time. Is it possible at all that I will continue to live abroad even during my Saturn Maha Dasa?

Also, will I get an increase in money soon? I want to earn a lot more money and am willing to change jobs for that. I need money to buy a house, to buy my mom furniture, to help my mo mso she doesnt have to work, etc.

Can someone please help me predict these 2 things?

18 September 1984, 09:44AM in corpus christi/Texas/USA

Thank you
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