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Re: Ways to heal Chiron wounds


Originally Posted by Nexus7
.....It was suggested that it was more to do with where we sabotage ourselves.
This has been the result of my "chiron wound driven" actions, appearing in every house area but always relating to inappropriate communicating by me. So, I'd say how we sabotage ourselves rather than where - but the suggestion seems valid to me.

....Maybe my Chironic placement does insure against follow any particualr party line 100%.
This is an astute observation, but I suspect it may turn out to be a characteristic of the planet itself rather than it's placement. Maybe that's why (everytime I/others consider the meaning/role of chiron) I find myself questioning the currently accepted texts/expert opinions on astrology generally.


Originally Posted by Flea
....chiron and its pattern in the chart can only guide what we are open to and ready to deal with.
Agree fully. And, when we are open/ready, I suspect chiron will guide without the need for input from experts/professionals/etc. "When the student is ready, the master/chiron will appear" - delivering a message that only the specific individual concerned can hear/understand.


Originally Posted by Tsquare
Having computer probs, overheating.

I think you may have picked up a virus at the site protesting about Tibet.


Originally Posted by Jeremy
I'm finding that timing is the key to acquiring the best publications on most astrology topics - the latest incorporates all that has proved valid in previous publications; generally adds something and often is much clearer. Or am I just being cynical here?

In reality though, my guess is that you are learning more about Chiron through your client consultations than you ever will from books.

....this for me has an application to the argument between traditionalists and moderns in astrology....

I'm hoping the traditionalists don't know where you live.

Maybe the orbit is symbolic too - bridging Jupiter/traditional/pisces and Uranus/modern/aquarius and Saturn/traditional+modern/capricorn. So, I'm thinking in terms of Astrological Ages :-

"give someone a fish and feed one for a day" (pisces) - "teach someone to fish and feed one for life" (aquarius) - "organise the fishermen into an efficient unit and feed everyone for life" (capricorn).

For me, the key (I'm using that chiron word a lot these days) is that chiron merely "acknowledges" Jupiter/traditional but strongly embraces Saturn/traditional+modern on it's way to Uranus/modern - and Capricorn (not Aquarius) is the more advanced Age. So, both traditionalists and modern seem to have a definite place in the "chiron plan".

I am growing dissatisfied with some dogma regarding Chiron...
I feel the same way about astrology generally. For me, questioning the dogma seems to be a chiron trait.

I am not convinced that we cannot heal Chirotic wounds, maybe it is tied up in the concept of healing because we can always heal more
At present, my view is that the wound cannot be healed. In my own case, I can live with the wound and removing/healing it would destroy some of my fondest memories of my mother. Maybe it could be done - but I would not be the same person afterwards (the chiron death?), and not neccessarily a better one either.


This all seems very healthy to me - apart from the nastiness. Justifeid anger should always be expressed - otherwise how do people know they have offended you and decide whether or not they need to change anything? The problem is that we are conditioned to see anger as negative - even when used assertively and with constructive intentions.


Originally Posted by blueheron
......I guess that dates me.
You "outed" yourself on another thread (to-day is my birthday) - confessing to being even older than me! Maybe the fact that we've completed a chiron cycle will prove particularly helpful on this thread though.


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