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Re: Ways to heal Chiron wounds

Originally Posted by flea
..... insights from others always help you see things from different mypotential gift of chiron maybe an understanding the imperceptible wounds a child experiences so deeply yet is of no concern to the parents because it is beyond their ken is some way.....
Maybe your chiron gift is to provide the insights that help others to see things differently? Learning to do so without self-consciousness then becomes the purpose of the childhood trauma; constantly having those insights explains the pluto/uranus focus (and chiron tail) in your natal chart and relating to a wide spectum of people/others clarifies why (natally) seven of your planets contact chiron. My guess is that not confronting the chiron wound was never an option for you - it's a "calling".

And who knows what happens when progressed/transitting planets pass through 17-21 degrees of Taurus - setting off the incomplete natal hexagon formed by chiron/mars/neptune/uranus+pluto/moon?


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