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Re: Ways to heal Chiron wounds

I am stilkl trying to get a sense for Chiron too, here were endless arguments on one forum I know where it was questioned whether or not it really was as much about self-wounding as has so far been claimed. It was suggested that it was more to do with where we sabotage ourselves.

It made its second and last pass to my Moon recently and not I have had the Chiron return. Good okld Liz Greene linka it to the change of life, and I hope, not just yet, anyway, it has fallen a couple of years shy of the prescribed one and fifty.

Maybe my Chironic placement does insure against follow any particualr party line 100%. That is what occurs me now, there were expereinces that look place that certainly did, well, reopne old wounds from the point of view of getting caught up in internet politics, elsewhere.
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