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Re: Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

Originally Posted by graay ghost View Post
So the stars sealed my fate, huh? I guess I always figured that chicks dig a sense of humor so I'd end up okay in the end... but maybe I should be concerned about by lack of sexy scorpionic energy?
I wouldn´t worry, we are all attracted to different personality traits. If someone has a lot of scorpio in their chart I feel suffocated. Some of them feel a bit like hungry predators to me. But when a man with a lot of fire in his chart seems to be obsessed by me I like it a lot!

Sagittarians are interesting, blunt, intense and passionate, but there must be something interesting going on in the synastry chart, otherwise I won´t feel any passion and will view the man as a potential friend.

Humour is something that most girls are attracted to

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