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Re: Indications of Singing Talents/Interest

Originally Posted by gaer
I would NEVER have mentioned this if you had not brought it up. People look at a grand trine and think it gives you a free pass through life. I have repeatedly claimed that semisextiles are difficult, just as difficult as inconjuncts...

...I just wanted to point this out, not to you, but to other people who are learning—the danger of seeing trines and sextiles and making assumptions!
QFT. This applies even when doing relationship charts. Check out my dad's chart, and you will see tons of soft aspects (especially sextiles) between our charts:
Dec 1 1949, 0:01 am
Spanish Fork, Utah

Obviously we don't get along, but if you just count the soft aspects you don't get that picture. It is important to remember that the mere number of trines or sextiles between two charts is no indication of compatability.

Originally Posted by gaer
Have you sung professionally or for audiences? Do you feel you COULD if you wanted to, if you haven't?

I feel like I can. Often when I sing people will compliment me on my voice. While I do enjoy singing, I have other priorities in my life right now.
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