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Re: Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

Originally Posted by Charlie James View Post
I was very curious and wondering which aspects/placements everybody in the community considered to endow people with physical beauty or sexual magnetism. Or on a more general level at least how particular configurations affect how we look and the image we identify with. Perhaps planets in the first house? What if they are in first but not in ascendant sign? Any specifically gorgeous aspects? Placements? All feedback is appreciated ��
I will post a link to my own chart for reference.
Pluto on the ascendant increases sex appeal. I have seen that many times. Pluto in aspect with mars produces a dark sexual magnetism. Neptune especially in hard aspects gives a charismatic personality and increases the sexual aura. Uranus produces an unusual attraction combined with nervousness and excitement. Anything that touch Venus will produce further attraction. Pluto for example gives a mystery type which attracts people who loves such types. Uranus-Venus gives a more fascinating personality. Jupiter-Venus makes people more warmth but not necessary more sexually attracted.
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