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Re: Possibly very challenging chart with lots of aspects

Indeed Mars does hold a prominent place in the chart, with the benefit of having only positive aspects. As such it would help to mitigate some of the effects of the adverse aspects. Being part of the grand trine suggests that your actions can have favorable input on the lives of others and I sense a degree of altruism in your motives. You can have some significance through working in group settings or service organizations. Mars in Pisces can energize the urge to do charitable acts of kindness for others, thus doing volunteer work may help you feel empowered at the personal level. This also adds a fair sense of selflessness to your nature and a spirit of generosity, in combination with your Jupiter in Cancer.
This Mars energy can be spiritually oriented, directed towards some form of healing work of any kind; you tend to be fueled by compassion, empathy and the urge to merge with others. There can also be a strong psychic receptivity with this Mars, with leanings toward mysticism; you may be prone to unexplained 'psychic pokes' along the way. In favorable aspect to the Uranus/Neptune conjunct, you will develop some specialized skills of a creative nature to assist you in your mission in life, which you have yet to realize. Your energy levels are likely enhanced with the Sun/Mars interchange, allowing you to act upon your aspirations and intentions with little hesitation; still you are primarily in search of peace and tranquility in life. Sun in 12th shows that you make good use of your 'down time' and are apt to seek out regular retreat to enjoy your personal time. In the end I do agree that Mars, and it's involvement in the grand trine may be most prominent in the chart; what I have learned from my own grand water trine is that the psychic and emotional components are emphasized in me; and while it has never afforded me a lot of luck, I have experienced divine intervention when I have needed it most.
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