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Re: Adam Lanza - Shooter of Sandy Hook School in Connecticut on 12/14/2012

Originally Posted by James Williams View Post
Vedic, Traditional Western as well as Hellenistic Astrology are known and valued for predictive ability

- perhaps Chinese Astrology also has that capability

Oh yes, no doubt about it. In fact, the Luck Cycle in the Four Pillars of Destiny is similar to the utilization of dashas in Vedic astrology and Firdaria in Western astrology--they all clearly display key shifts at certain specific ages in one's life, thereby providing great clues for one's ongoing path and journey!!!
So there are clear connections/similarities between Vedic dashas, Medieval Firdaria and the Luck Cycle of the Four Pillars of Destiny. Similarly, Hellenistic astrologers utilized a variety of 'Time Lords'
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