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Re: Advanced Chinese Astrology

Originally Posted by candiceaqua View Post
There are transit system in the 8 pillar of five elements in Chinese astrology as well.

-Firstly, the 5 Elements is represented by 5 stars, Venus for metal, Jupiter for wood, Mercury for water, Mars for fire, Saturn for mud

-These five elements is devided into 10 elements according to their different nature in sex, like yang metal, yin metal.

-Every 12 years in one's life could be represented by one yang/yin element, and they will have differnet influence on your life.

-If you are Yang Mud, then the 12 year for the Ying Fire will be good for you, everything will go well this year. (Because Fire is hot ,so it could burn the wood into ashes, then the ashes is just the Mud. So fire could bring energy to mud, but if one has too much mud already, then we will need wood to diminish the mud to keep the element in balance.)

-In Chinese astrology, they have 8 pillars of different elements, which is made up of your Four pillars : year-month-date-hour (each pillar have two elements).

-The date pillar is always the most important as it represent yourself, the year is represented your grandfather or your ancestor, the month pillar stands for your brother, your wife or husband could also be represented by the date pillar. The hour pillar is your children.

-Different elements in the pillar have different functions, all around the date pillar. If your date pillar is mud, and the mud could control water, as when there is a flood, only mud could stop it by building up big dam.Something you could control we could see it as your money and resources and wife(if you are a male). If you have many water elements in your pillars, it could indicate that you enjoy the company of different lovers and you will focus on earning money.

- Mud is controlled by the wood, then if you are the mud, the wood element could control you and give pressure on you. The root of the tree and grass could keep the mud from moving and become solid. So if there is any wood element in your pillar, it will represent your father or grandfather or your boss, they will of course give you pressure but at the same time, they will help you if you choose to be a politician(if the element control you is something good for you).

There is more in the Chinese Astrology. there is an older Chinese Astrology called---Qi Zheng Si Yu, it is similar to classical astrology, and it may be a different branch of vedic astrology with different new idea from ancient Chinese. It is a very delicate system with 7 stars(sun ,moon, venus,mercury, mars, saturn) and 4 Point(North node, South node, Lilith, ....) and 12 houses which will fall in 28 different constellation stars each stands for an animal with different element.

Hope this could help you, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Is there anything equivalent to horary in Chinese astrology?

Like you talked about mud and wood example, is it that if we get to know that some element like mud or wood or metal is too much in our life and there's imbalance, can we move to balance by actually adding or subtracting a missing or accessive element respectively, in our real life?
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