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Re: Extremely Introverted Sagittarius asking for chart reading?

Originally Posted by miquar View Post
Hi Enthusiast. I was more thinking about what might be in it for you on a more emotional level. For example, the feeling of being in control, a preference not to have to interact with people, too much to do in your own world to get too involved with the outer world, finding other people zap your energy after a while, deeply unconscious fear of rejection, feeling like an outsider, or whatever...
I've always felt like an outsider even when I was in was preschool. I used to play and read on my own teachers and parents felt nothing was wrong because when spoken to I appeared happy and easy going but I would always want to withdraw eventually. Im ok with the way I am but it's always been a mystery to me why I have this feeling of always being an outsider; whether it's in my family, at uni, the inner city neighbourhood I grew up in the feeling is the same. Throughout my life random people and people I've known well have made the there's "something about you" comment. I just can't see how this is expressed in my chart. I thought aquarius types or people with strong emphasis in Uranus had this sort of thing going on.
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