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Re: Indicators of Musical Talent in a Natal Chart

Originally Posted by danashock View Post
I have yet to check your chart. But artistic talent has many indicators,the most important ones are having lots of trines,or even a grand trine.
(particularly in water if you ask me).

Another indicator is the midheaven. If it was ruled by an artistic sign with planets like venus and jupiter there thats a great indicator,these signs are libra,taurus,pisces,leo. but i feel that libra is a stronger indicator than the rest of these signs.

A busy 12th house can indicate an a person that may have the idol and larger than life capacity that can make them into an archetype in the collective consciousness. A busy 5th,on the other hand is also artistic but more on the light hearted side of creativity,though quite powerful as well.

Ofcourse,a venus ruled chart is another clear indicator. And while youre at it,check what planets is venus aspecting. venus aspecting neptune (and venus in pisces) show a genuine artistic ability.
Have to add here, my bf is a pro musician and gets to do what he loves for a good living/ tours the world, plays on well known albums etc...he has Virgo mc! He is known for his intense work ethic and precision...IN MUSIC. Be careful not be generalise here.

saggy rising as well...but chart ruler is in 12th and venus is conjunct neptune.
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