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Re: Relocated Saturn conjunct the Ascendant...

Originally Posted by GeraniumSA View Post
I can't think that this would be a favorable move for you. Your sun is in Cancer and I don't see your Saturn as being particularly strong in your chart.
While you would probably make money, because Saturn is in your natal second house, I don't see you being able to enjoy living there because of the career emphasis (Mars in 10th) and a wishing for home (Neptune in 4th).
I'm thinking that since Saturn is a winter planet and NYC is known for it's winters, that this would be the stumbling block that would bother you.
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! You've given me quite a bit to think about and your observations seem very plausible. There really does seem to be a heavy "work" tone to the relocated chart, although I like that Venus has moved into a more social house (11). The weather would definitely be a major point of adjustment for me considering I'm coming from a largely warm climate without a lot of seasonal variances.

Much appreciation!
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